Outdoor patterns 

We took our math outside this past week and helped the kinders make patterns using nature. Advertisements

Oral health 

We talked about ways to take care of our teeth and made a mouth to help us remember to brush our teeth everyday!

Living things scavenger hunt 

Today we got out of the classroom and explored around the school looking for pictures of living or nonliving things. The kids used a lot of self control in the hallway and read and wrote about 12 different things.

Read to Self 

We have been working hard on increasing our reading stamina all week and we can now do read to self for 6 minutes. Reading for longer periods makes our brains get big and strong!

Nature art 

Today we created some beautiful art using things found in nature. First we went outside and collected leaves, twigs and anything else we thought we could use. We then wrote about it.

First day hooray! 

The first day of school was a huge success! I am looking forward to the school year filled with a lot of stellar work!

All ready for the kids 

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited for my new class in my new classroom!!! I can’t wait to welcome all the first and second graders!!!